“Social” plugin one more test

Installed new plugin for twitter integration. It suppose to work with facebook and twitter. Should also gather replies and post them as comments.

Now let’s test it.

How to customize link preview on Google Plus

ITM Citizens!

Do you have a website and want to have your own image and text in link previews on G+ instead of those that are chosen by Google?

It’s quite simple actually. Read this article. It’s all there.

But if you’re technically challenged or just lazy like me here are several simple steps:

  • First of all you need an access to editing html code
  • If all you want is to customize image preview you could just insert <meta property=”og:image” content=”image-url” /> into <head> section. This way you won’t even need to insert that image onto the page.
  • Insert the image you want to display in G+ preview into your page. Place itemprop=”image” attribute inside “img” tag of that image (or several images). Like this: <img itemprop=”image” src=”image-url” />
  • If you want to customize link description, enclose the text you want into <span> tag and place itemprop=”description” into that tag.
  • The same applies to link’s title. Just use itemprop=”name”.
  • Ideally you should insert itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Product” into <body> tag. But not every site engine or blog platform allows you to do it. And it seems to work in most cases even without this change anyway. In case of Squarespace it didn’t. So i had to “inject” <div itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Product”> before and </div> after page content in site preferences.

For example i marked No Agenda cover in the right column with itemprop=”image”. So when you’ll share a link to this page on Google Plus instead of using stupid image from top of this post:

G+ will use the cover as preview image:

This way you can promote something when anybody shares a link to your site.

Google plus share customization test

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This would be a description of the content your users are sharing

Google plus share customization test

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Twitter Updates for 2012-02-19

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Twitter Updates for 2012-02-04

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Twitter Updates for 2011-12-22

  • @bobuk Я бы поспорил, что поиски твиттера и фейсбука – это лемминги, юзающие гуголь как домашнюю страницу. in reply to bobuk #
  • @aavst Именно сайт лег? У меня вообще половина интернета не работает. Включая гуголь. in reply to aavst #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-12-13

  • @SkySportsF1 Is there a way for international viewers to watch SkyF1? Can i buy Sky Go subscription if i'm not in UK? #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-11-13

  • @EnigmaF1 True. Actually i was appalled by some pundits' opinions that Senna outperformed Petrov in his first races. Didn't see that at all. in reply to EnigmaF1 #
  • Looks like FIA opened spam email today. They "enlarged" DRS-zone to "boost" the overtaking. #viagra for #f1 #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-11-12

  • Why is Vitaly pushing right now? #
  • @EnigmaF1 About Petrov's qualifying: he dropped the ball in Spa, spinning, flatspotting the tyres, and losing to Senna. in reply to EnigmaF1 #
  • @EnigmaF1 But next quali in Italy was his best (considering the car pace). Shame that it was spoiled by Liuzzi. in reply to EnigmaF1 #

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