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@THErealDVORAK @adamcurry Scientists have developed a new way of changing weather

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Article on vz.ru.

Moscow scientists intend to “cleanse” the sky in the city center from the autumn clouds during the experiment for correction of the weather, which will be held on Friday morning, October 23, said on Thursday, CEO of Moscow Committee on Science and Technology, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Dmitry Rototaev.

According to him, the experiment will take place in the courtyard of the Committee, which is located in the Arbat area.”We will try to remove the cloud layer in a particular region using an electromagnetic pulse. Unique facility called “Chandelier Chizhevskogo”, which was designed 12 years, turned to the sky. The device will generate the flow of ions, which affect clouds “, – explained Rototaev.

He emphasized that the clouds would not be “squeezed out”, as is usual, but “just up” at a certain level where they cease to be rain.

According to him, scientists expect that over the zone of the experiment will be a blue sky on an area of about five square kilometers.

“I do not know whether the sun is visible, but the blue sky, we hope to get,” – noted Rototaev.

He clarified that the result will appear immediately, but after an hour or two or three after the start of the experiment, some for dinner.

The professor noted the complexity of the project under development, adding that this is not “final product”.. He emphasized that the device consumes energy “no more than a teapot.

According to expert, this technology can be used, for example, at the City Day or at the time of any major sporting events.

As added Rototaev, installation, on the one hand, allows you to remove precipitations, on the other – «on the contrary, can attract them for agricultural works».

“We will carry out a series of experiments, they will let us understand the limit of applicability of this method”, – said Rototaev, reports RIA Novosti.