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Road Map Drawn Up by Syrian Rebels

This article was shamelessly reprinted from truth-out.org without any permission. Kudos to them.

Displaced Syrian families set up to sleep.It will perhaps take months, if not years, before we will be able to reconstruct the process by which Syria found itself trapped in this civil war. Obviously, Damascus had not measured the danger, not only for the regime in power, but even for Syria itself, now in danger of disappearing as a nation-state. However, the veil begins to lift on the circumstances of the “conclave” held in Doha in early November, which saw a heterogeneous “opposition” – divided, without a program and without perspective – provide itself with a leader, Moez Ahmed al-Khatib, and a “coalition.”

But to achieve this, according to sources familiar with the matter, the Syrian “opponents” were ordered by Qatar to “find” an agreement, sine qua non, before leaving the room they were provided. This means that the “Syrian opposition” had a gun to its head, forcing it to reach this minimum agreement. Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, took a personal interest in the proceedings. In reality, the “revolt” in Syria, totally managed by foreign countries and their intelligence services, was a proxy war against the Syrian national state, a war which needed “Syrians at their service” only to serve as “local color.” Read more »

FSA Islamists threaten to kill Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva

Anhar Kochneva is a Ukrainian journalist who bravely reported about the current situation in Syria, while working in collaboration with various Russian media outlets. She was reported missing several months ago and it soon transpired that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had kidnapped her because several released videos give testimony to this. Also, the fact that Anhar Kochneva gave testimony to the reality of FSA and al-Qaeda brutality meant that she made many enemies.

It is now reported that she may be executed within the next 24 hours. This is dependent on a very high ransom being paid by the governments of the Russian Federation and Ukraine according to Real Syria Updates. The fact that this journalist is being held by the FSA also highlights the duplicity of nations which are known to have links with the FSA and various Islamist terrorist organizations. Therefore, the forced kidnap of Anhar Kochneva shames all the nations which are involved in the destabilization of Syria and this notably applies to Turkey, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the murky role of the United Kingdom and United States. Read more »

Imam and family shot dead in Russia’s Dagestan

An imam was shot dead along with two relatives as he drove to morning prayers in Russia’s restive Dagestan region of the North Caucasus on Tuesday, an interior ministry official said.

“Unidentified people opened fire on Kalimulla Ibragimov’s car when he and his two relatives were headed to a Derbent mosque for the morning prayer,” spokeswoman for the Dagestan interior ministry Fatina Ubaidatova told AFP.

Ibragimov was in the car with his brother and father when they were attacked in Caspian Sea city of Derbent, said Dagestan’s Investigative Committee, cited by the RIA Novosti news agency.

The Muslim region sees regular attacks that officials blame on militants seeking to establish an Islamic state across the Russian Caucasus.

Near daily shootings and blasts target police officials and attacks on religious leaders are increasingly frequent

Russia bans transit of NATO heroin through its territory

At the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, President Dmitry Medvedev renewed the offer to make Russian rail lines available for the transportation of non-military material from Europe to Afghanistan and vice versa.On 5 April 2012, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, soon to become Russian Ambassador to NATO, said in an interview with Ria Novosti that the cargo will be governed by a new protocol. Under this agreement, it will be subject to searches by Russian drug control services.Afghan heroin use has become a major public health problem in Europe, in general, and Russia, in particular. This country has become the world’s largest consumer. To date, two million Russians between the ages of 18 and 39 years are regular users. The drug causes over 30,000 deaths per year and promotes the spread of HIV at a rate the country has never seen before, according to a UNODC report [1].In the past, top Russian officials in the fight against drug trafficking explicitly pointed the finger at NATO’s responsibility in the heroin trade from Afghanistan, having gone so far as to take the matter to the UN Security Council [2].Alexander Grushko’s announcement and his appointment as Permanent Representative to NATO mark Vladimir Putin’s official return to the helm. The President-elect considers that Russian is the target of a true “heroin aggression” and has included the fight against this scourge among the priorities of his new presidential term.At the time the rail transportation agreement was signed, officials close to Putin had indicated off microphone that in exchange for the right of passage for NATO cargoes, Medvedev was being paid a bribe of 1 billion dollars per year, financed with money from Afghan drugs [3].


[1] “UNODC reveals devastating impact of Afghan opium,” by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 21 October 2009.

[2] “Poppy cultivation: Russia lambastes NATO”, Voltaire Network, 5 March 2010.

[3] “Afghanistan: Opium, the CIA and the Karzai Administration”, by Peter Dale Scott, Voltaire Network, 13 December 2010.

Reprinted from: voltairenet.org

Lithuanian ex-President: I left the post because of the refusal to deploy secret CIA prison

Former Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas was removed from office in 2004 due to the fact that he refused to deploy secret CIA prison in the country. The former president and current MEP Rolandas Paksas told by himself about it. According to experts, behind the procedure of impeachment, ended in 2004 by Paksas’s resignation could well be standing the United States. Moreover, immediately after intractable politician’s resignation, under Vilnius was started a secret CIA facility, writes Kommersant.

As the newspaper notes, sensational confession Paksas made at the hearing in the Committee of National Security and Defense of the Lithuanian Parliament. On behalf of the current head of state Dali Grybauskaite deputies are investigating the secret CIA prison, that was operating on the territory of Lithuania in 2004-2005.

“From work for the presidential post I know that there was the desire to bring persons accused of terrorism in Lithuania” – said Paksas. According to him, in the spring of 2003, then head of the State Security Department (SSD) of Lithuania Mechis Laurinkus asked him a question, whether it’s possible to bring informally suspects the U.S. of involvement in terrorism in Lithuania. Herewith Laurinkus made it clear that a positive decision would be very helpful to “foreign partners”. As “Kommersant” recalls, Lithuania was actively knocking on NATO’s door at that time, and many politicians in Vilnius believed that to accelerate the process of joining the alliance they need some friendly gesture toward the country, playing first fiddle in the alliance.

Despite this, Paksas refused to accept SSD chief’s proposal. And six months later broke the largest in the history of Lithuanian political scandal that led to the impeachment of the president from office. Autumn 2003 Mechis Laurinkus, which by then was invited to go to the “honorary exile” as ambassador to Madrid, before leaving “leaked” dirt on Rolandas Paksas in the local media. He accused the president’s of being in close ties with Russia’s businessman Yuri Borisov and illegally granting Lithuanian citizenship in exchange for financing his own campaign.

In April 2004, when Lithuania was celebrating the entry into NATO, the country’s parliament voted for the impeachment of President Paksas. A little later, 20 km from Vilnius in the village Antivilay begin to operate the secret CIA prison.

“I think my fundamental answer, that this (the secret CIA prison) will not happen, and this anti-presidential coup is directly related to each other” – Paksas said at a hearing in Parliament.

Experts also believe that the impeachment of President Paksas was advantageous for the United States. First, many considered Paksas pro-Russia politician. Secondly, in late 2003, the U.S. secret services just lost secret prisons in Poland, where because of it erupted a scandal, and the CIA were in need of such a base in Europe. In Lithuania, only intractable President Paksas was preventing that. With his retirement, the obstacle was removed, the newspaper notes.

Source in Russian: newsru.com

Lithuanian ex-President said that he left the post due to the failure to deploy secret CIA prison in the country

Death to iranian revolution

On the latest Colbert Report there was a video of iranian youth chanting “Death to Russia” instead of usual “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”. Also some iranian douche living in US (Surprise-Surprise) says that Russia is a biggest Devil.

Nice try NWO goverment.
But this only says that russian policy is working. And trying to be clear in this shit is not gonna work.